Humane Horsemanship

The Best For Your Horse

Humane Horsemanship

The Best For Your Horse

The Native Horse Language

Learn the Language of the Horse

Gain immediate trust, communication, and respect by knowing everything your horse is saying to you with body language and behavior.

Humane is Safer

When your horse understands, trusts, and loves you, it is a much safer relationship. They are looking out for your best interests, because you are their leader and friend.

Our Mission is to Connect Horse and Rider

Humane Horsemanship is a fast, powerful, and profound technique to fix behavior issues, establish trust, and ride safely and like you never have before. All without ever causing harm or pain to your horse.

What is humane horsemanship?

Humane Horsemanship is how to get inside your horse's mind, and forge a deep and profound connection

Humane Horse training is the right way to train horses for any discipline. It forms a strong foundation of communication, and fosters a loving relationship between horse and rider. It is noting more than communicating with your horse using it's own language, a language every horse understands automatically. 

The horse owner, trainer, and rider should know what their horse is saying, verbally and non-verbally. Many people don't know what certain tones of whinnys mean, and what their horse is trying to say when they yawn, or swish their tail. These are all the native language of the horse, and if you understand you horse and what they are trying to communicate, you can become a true horseman or horsewoman. You become a "horse whisperer". 

Horses are complicated, but there are simple things we can do with them that quickly win their hearts over. Why, you say, would I want to win my horse's heart over, when I can just force it to comply? Horses are big animals, and it is unwise to use fear, pain, or mental coercion to control and train them. They will avoid you, try to get back at you by kicking, biting, buck you off, or run away with you on them, and many other common issues people have with their horses. If you get your horse to love you, and think of you as their human leader, all of a sudden they look out for your best interests, and don't want to hurt you. They respect you and are careful not to hurt you, as they are when around their foal or the head of their herd. If you want to be safe around your horse, Humane Training is the answer.

Cooperation is also a challenge for many horses. Stubborn or lazy horses, or horses you feel need a strong bit to stop, or spurs to get going are just symptoms of an unhappy horse who does not want to cooperate with you. 

Spurs and harsh bits cause pain, and should never be used. If your horse needs spurs to go, he needs to get trained differently so he is willing and cooperative. If you ask a horse who wants to please you to go, or stop, even the slightest cue or command will get them excited to do what you ask, without force or fear of pain. Sliding stop? Gallop? Trot gently on the trail? No problem. They like you, and with good communication, they actually want  to do what you ask.

With Humane Horsemanship, you can reset your stubborn or aggressive horse, and use horse psychology and communication to gain its friendship and respect. It is an incredibly powerful tool, and is universal. 

It is also a premier method of colt starting, and is the fastest way into your horse's heart and mind. It produces outstanding behavior, respect, trust, cooperation, and gentle, supple horses for any discipline. It provides the solid foundation of trust and communication that will take you and your horse farther than you have ever dreamed of. 

Bridleless, competition trail, cutting, eventing, drill, roping, and trick riding are all quickly attainable for horses and riders with Humane Horsemanship. Once you master willingness, communication, and trust, anything is possible.

Services offered

Humane Horse Training at your property

 This is a good choice for horses who need a tune-up, physical and mental evaluation, or lessons for you to become a more proficient horse communicator.

Humane Horse Training at our facility

This is a great option for young horses needing starting, for horses who need regular trail and riding experience, or for someone who wants to learn how to train humanely, but does not have a horse yet.

Hoofcare Specialist Services

Do you have a horse with a severe hoof ailment, such as Founder, Laminitis, Distal Descent, or extremely tender feet? I can help. With over 15 years of clinical experience in treating and curing severe hoof problems, there is no case too difficult.

Riding Instruction

Are you new to horses, and want to know how to communicate gently, and ride with subtleness, strength, and safety? I can help you take your riding to a whole new level. Instruction also offered for advanced riding technique, including Roman Riding, Bridleless Trail, and trick riding.

Instructor Training

Are you an advanced horse professional, and want to begin including more horse psychology, behavior analysis, and native horse language into your instruction? I can guide you to becoming a Humane Horsemanship Accredited Instructor.

Horse Mental and Physical Health Evaluation

I offer a full mental and physical evaluation of your horse, which includes evaluation of willingness, spookiness, and mental tension. I check what the horse has been trained as well. A musculoskeletal evaluation is also performed, which looks for signs of injuries, muscle tension and pain, possible previous mental or physical abuse, and the horse's demeanor. This is a good choice for a prospective new horse, or a horse you just bought, and would like to know what it is capable of.



Bareback Riding Club

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Elijah Bristow State Park

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Bareback Riding Club

Every Saturday, we meet at Elijah Bristow State Park, at the Horse Trailer Parking Lot, and we go on a bareback group horse ride!

11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Elijah Bristow State Park

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